About Us

KFG Investment Company

Since its inception, KFG Investment Company and Affiliates have built and marketed approximately 50,000 residential units in more than 140 separate communities. Through its affiliate, KFG Residential Investment Company, KFG is focused on identifying, underwriting and acquiring urban infill investment opportunities, and managing/building the investments through joint ventures with local builders and/or operators in California and other emerging markets in Colorado, Washington and other Western States. The Company also owns approximately 2 million square feet of industrial income properties in California and Texas; and 250 apartment units in Southern California and a portfolio of public and private equity and debt securities.

Michael Keston and Aleks Baharlo are the operating principals of KFG Investment Company.  Combined, they bring in excess of 75 years of experience in real estate, with an established expertise in creating and maximizing the operating financial returns of projects through different market cycles. This demonstrated expertise provides our partners and lenders with the highest level of comfort in the ability of the Company to execute its business plans and provide superior investment returns.